About Us

Eastwood is an interior furniture brand. Offering designer pieces that make the home look (and feel) truly beautiful, we have curated and designed every product in our catalogue alongside with our family of brands Rugsea & Pozzilo.

Material & Craftsmanship

All of our products are thoughtfully designed using high-end materials. From our bench-made upholstery to hand-woven rugs, each item tells the story of its craftsmanship.

Designed to Last

We select every piece in our collection for its ability to adapt with the seasons and grow with your home. Curated by designers, each product allows you to effortlessly make your home beautiful, year after year.


Our founders

As a customer myself, I knew the pains of searching through hundreds (and hundreds) of options in search of the perfect piece. I was intimately familiar with quality and detail — something I can spot from a mile away. I wanted to create a brand that people could trust for both quality and aesthetic, with a refined catalogue of products they could turn to again and again.

We began curating a selection of pieces we loved from the inside out. Soon, we will even started developing our own line of products that married timeless, traditional styles with modern, innovative concepts. Eastwood has continued to grow, and we pour thoughtful intention into each product we add to our catalogue. While design trends come and go, we have always stayed true to our initial vision — to create beautiful spaces, and to bring you along while we do it.

— Alex & Crystal, Founders

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